The Order of the Blue Flame
Esoteric School

The Jewish Qabalah is an Ancient Mystical System of Philosophy, it dates back more than 4.000 years hand has its roots in Egypt. It is a Schematic which has been handed down by Sages for Generations and was Introduced to Europe by the Knights Templar who learned it from the Muslim Priests.

The Qabalah draws many Correspondances to Planes and Chakras.

The Spheres of the Qabalah are formed in Order, following their Enumeration from One to Ten, so that the First Sphere contains all that is in the Second Sphere and some.

When the Spheres are first Created it so begins with Sphere One, called the Crown and whose Color is White. Now when the World comes into Existence, there is Existence and just that. To have proper Existence we need a Background from on which that which Exists can Exist apart from and upon. That Background is the Third Sphere, which is Black and when it is Set, Sphere Two, Grey, slides into place.

    1. Sphere      White          The Crown          Inspiration
    2. Sphere      Grey           Wisdom             Illumination
    3. Sphere      Black          Understanding      Creation
    4. Sphere      Blue           Mercy              System
    5. Sphere      Red            Strength           Justice
    6. Sphere      Yellow         Beauty             Mind
    7. Sphere      Green          Victory            Nature
    8. Sphere      Orange         Splendour          Logic
    9. Sphere      Purple         Foundation         Magic
   10. Sphere      Brown          Kingdom            World

It is not upon us here to give a Complete Doctrine in the Qabalah, but just to Mention that it is Important in Occult Lore and that its Perusal can have Merit.

Furthermore, when we come to the Tarot and Initiation of the Adept, it will prey mercy to Understanding the Path that the Aspirant must tread.